Thursday, 22 August 2013

Publishing Today. Options, Opportunities and Obstacles.

Saturday October 12th 7.00pm at The Big Green Bookshop

We've invited some of the most forward thinking,exciting and entertaining Publishers to showcase what they do. They'll each be appearing throughout the day at one of the festival's venues, so be sure to go along. 
Those publishers are Angry Robot, Gallic Books, &other Stories, Galley Beggar Press and Guerilla Books. 

Whilst they're here, it seemed like a great opportunity to get them all together to discuss the huge changes that are occurring in the the book trade at the moment. Be it self publishing, the best way to find a publisher, what the role of publisher and author is today, this event will be most beneficial to all budding writers with any questions on how best to get ones work noticed by a publisher, what the stages of getting published are and, well, anything else you can think to ask. 

It's not often that you get the chance to pick the collective brains of such a wonderful array of publishing talent, but tonight's the night.. 

Tickets are just £3 and available HERE

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