Tuesday, 6 August 2013

The Great London Quiz with Greg Stekelman

Sunday October 13th 8.00pm. At the Great Northern Railway Tavern

Are you fond of London? Do you like a friendly pub atmosphere? Think the 2 should be combined in some form of competitive context? Well put on your cleverest trousers and head down to the Great Northern Railway Tavern to pit your wits at the Wood Green Literary Festival’s Pub Quiz, hosted by North London’s own Greg Stekelman.

Greg is a writer, animator and columnist perhaps best known for his brilliant debut novel A Year in the Life of TheManWhoFellAsleep, and more recently for London Tales his illustrated take on the Capital.

The theme of the quiz is "London" and there'll be an eclectic mix of questions on music, history, books and...well who knows what else. 

To enter a team (maximum of 4 people per team) costs £10. Tickets available online here.

You want a prize? Well OK then. The winning team will get to take home £50. That's at least £12.50 each! There will also be a small, but beautiful, cup that the team can squabble over. 

So get those team names ready and prepare as we test if you know your Dahl from your Dickens, your Kinks from your Kajagoogoo and other equally alliterative things with slightly more in common. 

 Tickets for the Quiz (£10 a team) are available HERE

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