Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Writing Workshop. How to Write About Yourself in Non-Fiction. with Ellie Levenson

Sunday October 13th 12.30pm-2.30pm Wood Green Library (Gallery).

There's a book in all of us. Or so they say.

So many of us have stories to tell about our lives. We'd love to write a book about our experiences and our dreams, but sometimes getting it down on paper is harder than it sounds. In this special one-off workshop,writer and journalist Ellie Levenson will take us through the secrets of how to write about yourself effectively and engagingly.
Ellie is the author of The Noughtie Girls Guide to Feminism and also 50 Campaigns To Shout About. A lecturer in journalism at Goldsmiths College and a former editor of the political magazine Fabian Review, she has written for The Guardian, The Independent, the Daily Express, the Times Higher Education supplement, Cosmopolitan, and other publications.
This very special two hour course will give you an insight into getting yourself on the page.

Tickets are just £3 and are available HERE

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