Thursday 19 September 2013

Angry Robot Presents.....

Saturday October 12th 12.30pm - 3.00pm the St Mark's Church Hall

Throughout Saturday, we're giving a carefully chosen selection of the most exciting and innovative publishers around an opportunity to share with you what makes them so special.
This will culminate in a discussion at The Big Green Bookshop in the evening, where a representative of each of these publishers will be on a panel discussing the book industry and its future.
We've given each publisher completely free reign to do whatever they like, but each of them has come up with something that should tempt you give them a visit.
12.30pm London: The Character
Strange Chemistry present Kim Curran and Rosie Best as they discuss how London plays a central role in their respective books. Kim's sci-fi Shifter series, Shift and Control,is set in modern London with buildings such as The Shard taking centre stage. Rosie's Skulk shows a different side of London, a grimy, underground world of simmering pot of cultures and life. Rosie and Kim will be reading from their novels and discussing how London inspires them in their writing.
Mad, Magical, London

Angry Robot authors are no strangers to mad and magical worlds, but let Mike Shevdon and Anne Lyle show you their fantastical London. Anne's Night's Masque series is set in an alternative history Elizabethan England, where the Virgin Queen married and had children while fanged and tattooed creatures from the New World walk the streets of London. Mike's Courts of the Feyre follow the adventures of Niall Petersen as he uncovers a hidden world of fey magic, strange history and uncanny creatures. Come along to hear Anne and Mike read from their latest books, whilst also opening this mad and magical London.
Historical London

Join Exhibit A's William Sutton and John Matthews to discover what hold the 19th century has on them, their characters, and their books. William Sutton's Lawless and the Devil of Euston Square introduces Detective Campbell Lawless in a pre-Sherlock London, as he tries to keep the streets, sewers, and stations safe. 
Letters From A Murderer by John Matthews brings one of London's most prolific murder mysteries - The Ripper - across the Atlantic to New York, where aristocratic English pathologist Finley Jameson must work with Joseph Argenti, a streetwise New York cop, to solve this case, once and for all. 

Come along for music, songs, and readings, and to meet William and John for an afternoon's entertainment!

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