Wednesday, 11 September 2013

"Saving Gary McKinnon". Janis Sharp in conversation.

Saturday October 12th. 3.30pm at Wood Green Library (Gallery) 

Janis Sharp spent ten years and seven months fighting her son, Gary McKinnon's extradition, after he was arrested for allegedly hacking into US government computers. Gary was a computer systems analyst living in North London and firmly believed that the US government was withholding vital information about the presence of UFOs.
The US Government took a dim view and extradition to the US seemed certain, so, fearing that Gary would take his own life rather than face being taken away to face seven counts of up to ten years each, Janis's extraordinary battle began.
Her tireless campaign succeeded and in October 2012 she finally won her battle not to have in extradited. In December 2012 the Crown Prosecution Service announced that Gary would not face charges in the UK either. These two announcements were a spectacular victory for Janis and spoke volumes about her relentless fight to save Gary's life. Saving Gary McKinnon is the true story of a mother's fight to save her son from living out the rest of his life behind bars. The US judiciary had all the might of the world's greatest power. But it had not reckoned on Gary's mother.

We're delighted that Janis will be joining us at the Festival to discuss her incredible experiences. She'll be in conversation with Stephen Moore, one of the journalists who followed the story in the Tottenham Journal.

There will be a chance to ask Janis questions. 

Her new book "Saving Gary McKinnon; a Mother's Story" will be available at the Festival and at the event, and Janis will be happy to sign copies.

Tickets are likely to go very quickly and are available HERE…. 

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