Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to Wash a Woolly Mammoth with Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley

Saturday October 12th 3.00pm at Noel Park Primary School 

Does your mammoth need a wash? I imagine if it was woolly it probably would. Thankfully Michelle Robinson and Kate Hindley have written a very useful book which will show you how to do it!
Including everything from how to get the mammoth into the tub (try a skateboard or maybe a heavy-duty crane, or even luring it in with a cake) to how to wash its hair, this is essential reading for everyone whose mammoth is looking a little bit grubby. Of course the most important thing to know is not to get any soap in its eyes…

Michelle and Kate will be here to read their fantastic book and also there'll be all sorts of mammoth related tomfoolery.

So, if your little ones find bathtime something of a struggle, come along to listen to Michelle and Kate add a splash of fun to the proceedings. 

Michelle Robinson's other books include What to Do if an Elephant Stands on Your Foot, How to Find A Fruitbat and the bestselling "Goodnight..." series (Goodnight Digger, Goodnight Tractor, Goodnight Princess). Her new book Ding Dong Gorilla has just been published by Orchard. Why don't you buy all of them?

Kate Hindley is an illustrator whose other books (apart from How To Wash a Woolly Mammoth) include the rather terrific Great Snortle Hunt and soon to be published Big Book of English Words. As well as illustration kids books, Kate also draws for magazines and TV (including CBeebies Driver Dan!).

  This is a FREE event. Kate and Michelle's books will be available to buy and they'll be very happy to sign copies for you. 

Suggested age 6 and under 

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