Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Ciaran Murtagh - The Man, The Legend, The Author

Sunday October 13th. 1.00pm  at Noel Park Primary School 

Have you ever watched The Legend of Dick and Dom?
How about Hotel Trubble or The Slammer?
Maybe you've watched Planet Ajay, Diddy Movies, Shaun the Sheep or The Numtums?
Well how about The 4 O'Clock Club, Dennis and Gnasher, Tickety Toc or even Mr Bloom's Nursery.
If you have, there's a very very good chance that Ciaran Murtagh wrote the script to it. Because that's just one of the things that he does!
There's also a possibility that you will have seen him in one or more of these shows, as Ciaran regularly appears on CBBC and Cbeebies.

Not only that, Ciaran is the author of some of the funniest kids books we have ever read!
His first book, Dinopants is about a caveboy called Charlie, who's so sick of standing in dinosaur poo that he invents pants for them to wear (but try telling a Tyrannosaurus Rex to wear pants…). This was followed by the equally funny Dinopoo (Charlie invents toilets for dinosaurs in this one), Dinoburps (his fizzy drinks have mixed results) and Dinoball (Gareth Bale might struggle to score against a brontosaurus!).
Not content with just the caveboy market, Ciaran then intoduced us to Jamie Quinn!

When Jamie's Gran gives him a battered old teapot for a birthday present he reckons she's gone doolally! But when Jamie gives the teapot a clean out pops a banished genie - Balthazar Najar! Jamie accidentally wishes to be a genie too, he's whisked off to genie school where angry headmasters, deadly magic carpets and exploding lamps are the least of his worries!

So began the Genie series, of which there are now three.

Ciaran is one of our most popular and requested authors and having visited some of Haringey's primary schools with him over the last couple of years, I cannot recommend his live performances enough.
So please come along, sit back and relax as the incredible Ciaran Murtagh brightens your day with an hour of fun and frolics.
His books will be available to buy throughout the festival and  at the venue and Ciaran will be very happy to sign copies for you.

Suggested age, 6+

This is a FREE event, but please contact the Big Green Bookshop to reserve a place, either by email on enquiries@biggreenbookshop.com or by phone 020 8881 6767

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