Thursday, 26 September 2013

Speed Pitching. Pitch your book to a Top Literary Agent.

Sunday October 13th 2.30pm at Wood Green Library


Calling All Writers.

Here's an amazing opportunity to get five minutes face to face with a top literary agent. And
we're delighted to introduce to you Ajda Vucicevic and Amanda Preston from The LBA Literary Agency, who'll be here to listen to your pitches.

Ajda and Amanda
Ajda Vucicevic:
I look after critically acclaimed debut and established authors, including John Lucas, Niki Valentine, Bernadette Robinson and Robson Green’s Extreme Fishing. I have been part of the LBA team since 2007 and have been building my list since 2011. I am on the lookout for outstanding new voices in fiction. I am particularly interested in literary works of fiction with a commercial edge. I am looking for debut authors and am keen to develop their careers. My interest lies in literary fiction with an outstanding voice and original plot lines, women’s fiction, YA and narrative non-fiction.

Amanda Preston:
I am a director of LBA and have been a literary agent for fifteen years. I represent a wide range of authors including Simon Kernick, Karen Swan, Sarah Alderson, Jo Carnegie and Jonathan Trigell.  I am looking for incredibly strong central characters, compelling storytelling,  a killer concept and I want to be hooked from the start.  Ultimately I’m looking for unforgettable books that demand to be talked about and shared, regardless of genre, and that I’m still thinking about days after finishing. I’m particularly interested in finding new authors in psychological suspense, YA, women’s fiction (high concept reading group / commercial) and crime / thrillers. 

  Whether commercial or literary LBA is always on the lookout for captivating storytelling, original ideas and novels that stand out.

The event will begin with a workshop from one of the agents, giving guidance on presentation, what works, what doesn't and the areas you might be able to take your idea in. There will also be a chance to ask general questions about the role of an agent and the industry in general.

Any specific questions about your piece will be addressed in the face to face.

What you will need:
  • An extract from your piece, roughly 200 – 300 words, on paper
  • An outline of the book – again 200 – 300 words, on paper
  • Copies of your contact details (maybe bring a few). If you have a business card, that's great, otherwise you can write your details on paper.
  • Bring your manners. Getting this to run smoothly will require you to be polite if you are rejected, and to leave the table when the bell rings.

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