Friday, 27 September 2013

Holly Smale, CJ Daugherty & Sophia Bennett judge The LONDON FACTOR!

Sunday October 13th. 4.30pm at Noel Park Primary School
Have You Got the LONDON FACTOR?

With Holly Smale, Sophia Bennett and CJ Daugherty


Do you want to have a character in a book named after you? 
Do you want to go for a slap up meal with on of the UK's most exciting new authors?
 Now's your chance!!

We want you to write a story, no longer than 200 words. The title of the story is 

"A London Journey"

Once you've written it, email it to

include in the email. 
  • Your Name
  • Your age (if under 18)
  • Your story
  • Your contact number (if you don't check your emails very often!)
The best of these will then be put through to the final. 
Those lucky enough to reach the final will have a chance to read out their story on Sunday October 13th, LIVE in front of an expectant audience and 3 ace judges

Holly Smale - Holly is the author of the huge bestselling Geek Girl series. She spent her teenage years hiding in the school toilets followed by two years modelling, falling over on catwalks and breaking things she couldn't afford to replace. These experiences inspired her to start writing Geek Girl.  

Sophia Bennett - In 2009, Sophia won the Times/Chicken House Children’s Fiction Competition with her debut novel, Threads, set in the world of London fashion. This was followed by the two sequels in the THREADS trilogy. The LOOK, a sensitive and wittily observed take on the modelling industry was published in 2012. YOU DON’T KNOW ME, Sophia’s latest book was published earlier this year.

CJ Daugherty - CJ Daugherty has been a travel book writer, a journalist for Reuters and a crime and investigative reporter for newspapers and magazines here and there.
Over the years she's also worked as a hostess at a Cajun restaurant in New Orleans, a researcher for a university, a typist for an oil company, a ham seller at a Honey Baked Ham store, and a civil servant. She quite liked selling hams.
These days she writes thrillers. The third in her bestselling Night School series has just been published.

All finalists will receive a £5 Big Green Bookshop Voucher, but there are three incredible prizes for the winners. 

The winners can choose from these three amazing prizes;

- Having a character in Sophia Bennett's new book named after them!
- CJ Daugherty will write the winner into her next novel!
 - You and 3 friends can enjoy a slap up meal with Holly Smale!

All entries MUST be in by midnight on Wednesday 8th of October. 

The competition is pen to EVERYONE. 


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